Kentucky Wildcats: Freshman Sensation Nerlens Noel a Dirty Player (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats seem to be getting good at the right time. After a 12-6 start to the season the Wildcats have won their last three games and put themselves back in the mix for March. Much of Kentucky’s early struggles should have not come as a surprise, head coach John Calipari told anyone who would listen that his team wasn’t that good to start the year. That didn’t stop us media folk from ranking them as the fifth best team in preseason polls. A huge reason why everyone expected them to be as dominate as they’ve been in the past was super-freshman Nerlens Noel.

Noel, who people unsparingly like to compare to Anthony Davis, is a 6-10 shot-blocking maniac. While Noel’s offensive game can go missing at times (10 PPG), his defense (4.6 BPG) and rebounding (9.6RPG) more than make up for whatever shortcomings his basket making skills might have. Opposing teams have to be aware of wherever Noel is on the court, and if for a strange reason they choose to ignore his skills, teams will end up looking very dumb (Just ask the Ole Miss Rebels).

But because it’s Kentucky, because it is coached by the polarizing Calipari, people have to make up subplots and extra stories to go along with this team. Apparently, because everyone hates Calipari, we can’t just enjoy Noel’s ability to play basket goaltender, but rather have to dig rather deep for reasons to dislike him as well.

Below is a video, an example to those folks who are ludicrous, of Noel possibly tripping a player on purpose. I’ve watched the video a dozen times or so and have yet to see any evidence that backs up anyone claiming Noel did it on purpose. Maybe he did, I could be blind by objectivism (or I could have missed it), or possibly folks hate Kentucky so much that they’ll just start making nonsense up. Here is the video:

What do you think? Myself, I try not to, as it hurts and my office starts to smell like burnt bacon.

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