Seton Hall Pirates Should Thank Investigator Sherlock Holmes for Pulling Upset Tonight

By Joseph Nardone
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one thing in this world I know for sure, that it’s inevitable, upsets in college basketball are going to happen. Not only are they going to happen, they are going to happen multiple times throughout the season. Casual college hoop fans tend to think of March as the only time when upsets happen, but they are wrong, they happen nearly every night that a game is played. And I’m not talking the 18th best team in the country beating down the first, I’m talking about teams nobody can name a player on beating up on a national power.

This is where the Seton Hall Pirates come in. Seton Hall, 13-9 on the season, isn’t exactly recognized as world-beaters in the college hoops realm. In fact, they haven’t been known for much lately outside of their fans at the Prudential Center apparently under a strict martial-law to not make any noise. But tonight they play the Pittsburgh Panthers, and the smell of an upset is clearly the cologne of choice for the Pirates today.

No, the reason isn’t because of some fancy formula I have derived. Nor is it because I think the match-up of the two teams goes in Seton Hall’s favor. It’s not advanced statistics either. It’s actually something much more simple. Like my friend Sherlock Holmes, it’s deduction my friend. In the world of Holmes, it is the most obvious answer that solves any mystery. If all things point to one outcome, regardless of how ridiculous, it has to be true. Therefore, if upsets happen every night, one has to happen this evening. So let us use this fancy form of deduction to explain why the Pirates will win this evening.

There is only four relevant college basketball games on the slate today, none of which hold a match-up between two teams separated by as much talent as the Seton Hall game. You have the Syracuse Orange facing-off against the Notre Dame Irish, yet nobody would scream upset if the Orange were to fall to the Irish. Then there’s the Texas Longhorns battling the West Virginia Mountaineers, another game where either team could win. Finally, there is the Oklahoma Sooners challenging the Iowa State Cyclones, no matter which team wins, nobody would write their mother and tell them of the upset that happened in Iowa.

So we just looked at the three other games and have decided that none of them, regardless of outcome, would be considered a significant enough upset to fit my “Upsets happen every night” theory. So it’s not that Seton Hall is supposed to win tonight, it’s not that their big guys have some form of favorable match-up. No sir, they are going to win tonight because they are the only team left viable enough to pull a legitimate upset.

It’s not an upset, it’s deduction Holmes.

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