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College Basketball Week 13: Big East Power Rankings

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College Basketball Week 13: Big East Power Rankings

Big East Power Rankings
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It has been covered, it has been criticized, it has been beaten to a bloody pulp with a stick, the Big East Conference is dying and doing so in the most awful of fashions, by adding horrible teams to replace traditional powerhouses. So while it is incredibly sad to know that just next year the conference will be a shell of its former self, it is good to know that we have one more month of Big East hoops left to devour.

Not much has changed over a weeks time. Most of the conference is still jam-packed in the middle with the same teams hovering around the top. The only difference now is, there is only one game that separates a team from being eighth from it being first. This provides almost everybody with a glimmer of hope to get good seeding when the Big East Conference Tournament gets underway in a little over a month(Except the DePaul Blue Demons, you have no hope).

The conference also has seven nationally ranked teams that are getting a ton of television coverage. Certainly not reassuring to Mike Aresco while he searches for a new TV deal, because none of these teams will be in the conference for him to pitch to networks, it does give everyone a chance to watch the Big East in its final run of relevancy. Once considered the top basketball league in the nation will shortly be known as the NEC part two, the revenge!

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15- DePaul Blue Demons (Always last) 10-11

Fired Everyone
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DePaul stinks, their coach is horrible, and along with the athletic director, all remotely involved with the athletic department is in(Or at least should be) danger of losing their jobs. Furthermore, Oliver Purnell has exactly five more wins over Big East opponents than you do, the big difference, he has coached against them for three years.

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14- South Florida Bulls (14) 10-11

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South Florida isn't any better than DePaul. The fact that some had high expectations for the Bulls might make it feel like their season has been a disappointment. Funny, I don't hear anyone asking why they aren't any better than their record after the fact. To be fair, South Florida isn't nearly as bad as their record shows, they just don't get to play DePaul 20 times a year.

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13- Seton Hall Pirates (12) 13-10

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You know what's worse than a four game losing streak? A five game losing streak, which is going to happen in just a few days. Luckily for the Pirates they face-off against Rutgers in seven days, so there's a chance they could end their skid then. If not, they could literally end their season on a 12 game streak of winlessness.

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12- Rutgers Scarlet Knights (11) 12-8

Mike Rice AX
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I remember when I had a hard time deciding on the bottom four teams in the Big East. It wasn't because all of these teams were good, it was because so many of the bottom feeders were that bad. Topped off with Rutgers, I think we found our steady bottom four squads in the conference. To bad for these schools there's not a lottery system in place to grab recruits like in the NBA. Oh, and Rutgers is also on a four game skid.

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11- Providence Friars (13) 11-11

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Hey Providence, you're not among the worse of the worst teams in the Big East. Granted, that's like picking door number two in a game show and winning the Scrabble board game, but at least you are not as bad as your conference brethren. Unlike everyone before them, the Friars have won a basketball game this year, so that also helps them stay out of being in the bottom four.

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10- Villanova Wildcats (10) 13-9

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So they stunk, then looked good, only to fall back on their rear-ends and make us all wonder what kind of basketball team the Wildcats are. How in the world does a team go from beating two of the top five teams in the nation, only to lose to Providence, is baffling to me. Luckily for Nova, this upcoming week of games is full of cupcakes, making their previous week of ineptitude that much more disappointing. Villanova had a chance to make up some serious ground in the Big East and has thus far squandered their opportunity.

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9- St. John's Red Storm (9) 14-8

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Georgetown blew out the Red Storm again this week, showing that the Johnnies are clearly not ready to be major players in the conference. They also lost guard Jamal Branch for an undetermined amount of time. If Branch misses a substantial amount of games, you could kiss the Red Storm season goodbye.

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8- Connecticut Huskies (8) 15-5

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Crucial week for UConn. Two very winnable games that could help them separate from the pack. The Huskies also have one of the more favorable Big East schedules left, so don't be shocked if they reach as high as third in the conference when it is all said and done.

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7- Notre Dame Fighting Irish (5) 18-5

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Notre Dame just got beat down by a good team that was on a losing streak, so don't read too much into the loss. Jack Cooley has proved a reliable double-double monster, making the Irish probable winners on every night. Only worries for the Irish ahead is their brutal schedule down the stretch. Out of their last eight games, five of them are against ranked teams. One has to wonder if the Irish will go in the month of March limping or full of confidence.

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6- Pittsburgh Panthers (7) 19-5

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Look, Pitt is ranked again. Outside of the people who root for the Panthers, does anyone else care? We know their story. Be good in the regular season, look competent in the Big East Tournament, get bounced by the Club St. Pool Cleaners in the NCAA Tournament. I'll have this same exact breakdown of Pitt next year at this time as well.

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5- Marquette Golden Eagles (4) 15-5

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Is there a better coach who gets less attention than Buzz Williams, I think not. The Golden Eagles continue playing above-average basketball while Vander Blue has become their offensive crutch(I mean that in a good way). Everything is in place for Williams and the Golden Eagles to make a run.

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4- Georgetown Hoyas (6) 16-4

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Like every Georgetown team in the history of mankind, I can't tell you exactly why the Hoyas are good, you just have to believe they are. Their defense isn't this dominant force, the offense can look down right horrible at times, and John Thompson III claims he doesn't run a Princeton offense now. Not only does Georgetown confuse me, I'm now convinced they do it on purpose.

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3- Louisville Cardinals (2) 18-4

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Well, the Cardinals have bounced back after a three game losing skid and won two in a row. Louisville has three cupcake games left then follow that up by playing three ranked teams. If Rick Pitino and the boys take care of business there's no reason why they can't reclaim a spot in the top two within a week.

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2- Cincinnati Bearcats (3) 18-4

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The Bearcats are good and I owe an apology to Mick Cronin. This whole season I questioned your team as well as your coaching ability. Not only do you continue to win, a lot, you are now grabbing five-star recruits out of the air.

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1- Syracuse Orange (1) 19-3

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We are at the part of the season where losing two out of your last three means a lot less when you've been a dominate force all season long. It also doesn't hurt that they beat the living Sam Cadoodlebecks out of Notre Dame in their last outing. The Orange have five full days to get their act together, and eligibility issues fixed, before they go back at it.

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