DePaul Needs to Fire Oliver Purnell and Jean Lenti-Ponsetto

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I’m part of a dying breed; a DePaul Blue Demons basketball fan. There’s very few of us left, and the numbers keep going down year-by-year. Meanwhile the school continues to put out an inferior product in an outdated arena with a stale coach. And to top that off, the athletic director is revered by the school’s administration. If the school doesn’t care, why should I?

DePaul’s coach Oliver Purnell came to DePaul thanks to a lucrative contract. DePaul’s athletic director Jean Lenti-Ponsetto was forced to overpay for Purnell thanks to her total mishandling of the men’s basketball program. Her previous coach, Jerry Wainwright, was given an extension and instead of firing him when he failed, she handcuffed him to try and force him to resign while dropping the basketball program even further from the map. It’s hard to say that DePaul is at its lowest point, because this has hit rock bottom years ago. All of this thanks to a school that fails to recognize that its only revenue team is its worst program.

For some unknown reason, DePaul was asked to be a part of the Big East and consequently the Catholic Seven (the seven Catholic schools that were in the soon-to-be-defunct Big East). At this rate, I cannot see the benefits of DePaul being a part of that group. Until DePaul proves it can put a competitive team on the court, why should they ruin the other six members that put an effort forward to win?

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