Dick Vitale to Broadcast First Final Four of Career

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After reading the headline, I assume you paused, gasped and proceeded to find out how your favorite sporting event is going to be ruined this year. While Dick Vitale may not be your favorite brand of broadcast personality, he will be joined by the much more beloved Jay Bilas on the call. But wait, there is even more good news. Vitale is actually calling the game for ESPN International, not the game you and your loved ones will be watching on the picture-box.

Did you take another deep breath, thank God and calm down yet? Vitale, who–in all seriousness–loves college hoops as much as any person on the planet, had this to say about his first crack at the Final Four.

“I learned from the great Jim Simpson years ago that the championship game is the most important moment in the athletic career to many of the kids who are playing in it. I will deliver the same enthusiasm, energy, excitement and respect as I do with every game I work.”

All of that means is that we are in for the same schtick Vitale has been doing for years. He will yell until more hair falls off his dome, say diaper-dandy at least 4839.008 times and, if it is indeed a perfect world for Vitale, the Duke Blue Devils will be in the Final Four and he can have a Coach K-Gasm.

Love him or hate him, I think most of us aren’t a big fan of his work, but there haven’t been as many people who pushed college basketball to the national stage like he did. That’s not bad for a guy a who once had a horrible video game called Dick Vitale’s “Awesome Baby” College Hoops named after him.

Just in case you only scanned the article, Dick Vitale will most likely NOT ruin your Final Four coverage, only that for those poor souls who only have access to ESPN International.

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