Four Year Old Announces Syracuse Orange Starting Lineup (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things in life as precious as kids. Sure, stuff like the TV show The Walking Dead, college basketball, girls(Or boys. Depending on your preference), YouTube, Google, are just a few things that come to mind. But it is kids, those innocent little mongrels, that can turn your frown upside down for no apparent reason. Whether it be one of them saying something cute, rattling off basketball players you have brainwashed in their head, or announcing the starting lineup for the Syracuse Orange, kids are flat-out awesome.

I have two of them, that I know of, myself. One of which is four years-old. Her name is Giovanna. Giovanna and I have a unique bond. You see I have yet(No more kids!) to have a son, so quietly rooting to never take a crack at making another, I have made her my designated sports-kid. She has no choice in the matter. While I might be hoping that she turns out chubby and ugly until I think she is old enough to date(Roughly around 50, or when I die, whatever comes first), she is a precious little monster. She also cheers wildly for her Daddy’s favorite team, the St. John’s Red Storm. Which in turn, makes her one of my two favorite kids.

Okay, I know, there is nothing more boring than listening to another person talk about their kid. But this video, which is below, is one that would make any parent smile upon watching. It’s always a cool thing when something like this happens. I’m sure a couple of you trolls out there will still find a way to bash the kid, but that’s only because you’re empty on the inside. Watch, as this four year-old announces the Orange lineup and appreciate the cuteness.

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