Guilty Plea for Toledo Rockets Point Shaver

By Joseph Nardone
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Point-shaving is real, and apparently, it still happens. Mitchell “Ed” Karam, a fellow from the Detroit area, pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a point-shaving investigation . The investigation of was the Toledo Rockets football and basketball programs dating back from 2004 until 2006.

Those weren’t the only guilty pleas that Karam obliged to give the courts. Other than the conspiracy plea, he also plead guilty to conspiring to fix real life horse racing in Florida and Delaware Downs in 2005 and 2006. The guilty plea also covers a fraud charge from another, separate, real estate investigation.

Karam was not alone in his aspiring journey to be as good at fixing stuff as the soccer match fixers, Ghazi “Gary” Manni was indicted with Karam four years ago when the charges were originally filed.

The government has stated that these two gentlemen paid players for inside information and/or to actually affect the outcome of games(Tony from Blue Chips, where you at?).  According to prosecutors, Karam and Manni bet roughly $331,000 on basketball and football games. As of this writing, four Toledo Rocket athletes have been arrested and subsequently plead guilty in this point-shaving scandal.

So two individuals were involved in affecting the outcome of multiple collegiate sporting events. Since the NCAA does such a swell job of investigating, I wonder if they will use this new evidence to wield their unjust hammer and penalize the Toledo program any further than these reports already have.

However, one question does remain after the guilty pleas. How is a point-shaving more mid-major friendly(As in, it is even done at Toledo) than the BCS and the NCAA as an organization?

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