The Florida Gators are the Best Basketball Team in the Country

By Taylor Sturm
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Gators are ranked No. 2 in the country after Michigan and Kansas fell–the highest any SEC team has been ranked all season. The Gators, despite being ranked behind Indiana, are the best team in the country.

There is no other team in the country as all-around talented as the Gators. Florida’s offense is dominating. The Gators, on average, win by more than 20 points. Patric Young and Kenny Boynton are one of the best duos in the country. On defense, teams can’t get started against Florida until later in the game, and usually those teams are already down by 15 or 16 by that time.

Florida’s one weakness is that it is the most team-based team in the country. Each player is essential to the way the team works. Give credit to Billy Donovan because it takes all the responsibility off of his best players, but if one player plays poorly and another doesn’t step up (see Mike Rosario’s performance against Kansas State), the Gators lose. Florida must be prepared for some tough games in March against teams that are capable of making the game one-on-one rather than team against team.

Florida plays no teams that are capable of beating the Gators the rest of the season, unlike Indiana. Florida can take the No. 1 spot with consistent play and a little luck. The Gators have the potential to win the national championship and, barring an injury or bad game, will have every opportunity. However, one thing is for sure: Florida is Final Four bound.

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