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College Basketball: Week 13 SEC Power Rankings

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SEC Power Rankings

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No one expected the Arkansas Razorbacks to come out and dominate the Florida Gators the way they did on Tuesday night. The Gators have only lost two games prior to that game, by a combined seven points. Well, although Florida won’t be moving too much, Arkansas and other teams are certainly on the rise in this week’s power rankings.

You can bet that the Kentucky Wildcats are now breathing down the Gators’ backs, considering that they are now only one back in the SEC standings. To make matters even worse for Florida, these two teams will go head-to-head on Feb. 12, which is already next week.

Although Florida has absolutely been dominating teams, the winner of that game will be at the top of the standings. However, if the Gators lose, they will, of course, still be tied for first place, but Kentucky would hold that tiebreaker.

A couple of the teams in the SEC had some pretty big wins this past week. Which teams were they?

Alabama and Ole Miss both only have two losses in the conference, so don’t count either team out just yet, especially when the Gators showed their vulnerabilities on the road against Arkansas.

After what seems like way too long, Missouri’s Laurence Bowers is finally back, but the Tigers did lose to LSU in his first game back. However, that game was played on the road for Missouri.

Well, the bad teams in this conference are pretty clear, but the top six teams in the SEC seem to be changing all of the time. Read on to see where the SEC teams rank this week.

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14. South Carolina Gamecocks (12-10, 2-7 SEC)

south carolina
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The South Carolina Gamecocks are losers of three straight. However, there is not much that this team can do when it plays teams like Florida and Kentucky.

Speaking of Florida, the Gamecocks could only manage 10 points in the first half against the Gators.

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13. Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-3, 2-6 SEC)

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The Mississippi State Bulldogs are not a good team. That matter is pretty clear. The Bulldogs have lost seven SEC games in a row and don’t expect them to win any games any time soon, especially when the next three in a row will be against Ole Miss, Florida and Missouri.

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12. Auburn Tigers (8-13, 2-6 SEC)

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The SEC really isn’t as bad as many people say it is or that is at least what Auburn would say, with six straight losses in the conference.

At least the Tigers provide a great tuneup match for big games.

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11. Vanderbilt Commodores (8-12, 2-6 SEC)

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Vanderbilt actually could have won its past two games against Tennessee and Alabama. The Commodores lost those two games by an average of 2.5 points.

Up next will be against LSU, which is a game that Vanderbilt could win.

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10. Texas A&M Aggies (13-8, 3-5 SEC)

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It is a shame that Texas A&M started off with a 2-0 record in conference play. One of those victories was on the road against Kentucky. Well, it has all been way down hill since then. However, the Aggies have played two straight overtime games, only winning one of those battles.

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9. Tennessee Volunteers (11-9, 3-5 SEC)

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The Tennessee Volunteers may not win the SEC regular season title, but they can still finish conference play with some dignity.

It is crazy to think about how high of expectations this team had coming into the season and now they will likely not even be apart of the NCAA tournament field.

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8. Georgia Bulldogs (10-11, 4-4 SEC)

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Georgia does not have the best record in the world, but it has definitely held its own in conference play.

The Bulldogs are winners of three straight and they could very easily continue that trend in their next couple of games.

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7. LSU Tigers (12-7, 3-5 SEC)

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LSU got a very big win against Missouri at home the other day. Not to mention, Laurence Bowers finally returned for Missouri, but it obviously did not matter a whole lot in that contest.

It is possible for this team to crack into the top five of the standings in this conference, but it needs to get over .500 first.

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6. Arkansas Razorbacks (14-8, 5-4 SEC)

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Arkansas put its big boy shoes on against the Gators, winning by the score of 80-69. Don’t forget that Florida was ranked No. 2 in the nation coming into that game.

The Razorbacks dominated being up by as much as 27 points in the contest and never trailed a single second.

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5. Missouri Tigers (16-5, 5-3 SEC)

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Missouri has Laurence Bowers back, which means it has no excuse to lose games now. This is a team that should be easily in the top three of the conference, but already has three losses on the season in the SEC.

However, Missouri needs to knock off the big boys, like Florida and Kentucky to get back into the SEC race.

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4. Alabama Crimson Tide (14-7, 6-2 SEC)

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When it comes to the standings, Alabama is only a game and a half back from the Florida Gators.

These two teams will only meet once in the regular season, which won’t come until March 2, but that game will be played on the road for the Crimson Tide.

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3. Ole Miss Rebels (17-4, 6-2 SEC)

ole miss
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Ole Miss is a great team and could be very dangerous in the big dance, but it unfortunately had to play Kentucky and Florida in back-to-back games. Expect this team to get back on track against Mississippi State in its next game.

However, the Rebels will have to play Missouri on the road in the very next contest.

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2. Kentucky Wildcats (16-6, 7-2)

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The Wildcats have nowhere near the record or resume that Florida has, but Kentucky is playing good basketball right now and that is all that matters.

With as much talent as this team has, it could very easily make the Final Four this year. Kentucky is a very dangerous team and its NCAA tournament stock is definitely on the rise.

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1. Florida Gators (18-3, 8-1 SEC)

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Maybe it was just overconfidence, being the No. 2 team in the country, but Florida looked horrible against Arkansas.

The Gators at least scored a bundle of points down the stretch, but the deficit was just too much for Florida to overcome. Florida may be one of the most dominant teams in the country, but it cannot lose focus against weaker opponents in the SEC.

This team really has a chance to be a No. 1 seed in the dance, but it cannot slip up against teams like the Razorbacks and it has to win the SEC this year.

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