Miami Hurricanes Now A Powerhouse

By brandonmoultrie
Kenny Kadji Miami Basketball

Unless you’ve been hiding under a college basketball rock, you know that the Miami Hurricanes are the hottest team in the country. They are finally getting their just due in the national media by virtue of the most recent rankings. This versatile basketball team that no one wants to play has made believers out of onlookers in the most traditional fashion. They’ve gone out and won games.

It’s easy to get caught up in tradition and folklore in college sports. A given program’s greatness can come and go with the times and current players can be held to standards that were set for a school prior to them even being born. But the most interesting thing about the way Miami has won this season is that they’ve ignored the name on the front of their jersey and just gone out and played.

There’s a saying that says “don’t let the jersey make you, you go out and make the jersey.” The name Miami now puts fear into competitors from the moment it’s time to play them on the schedule.

Passionate play, great guards, and an up-tempo style has thrusted the Hurricanes into national prominence. They’ve become one of the most exciting teams to watch in college basketball. As they continue to move throughout their ACC schedule, they’ll look to remain undefeated.

They will have a big match up this coming Saturday with North Carolina in Coral Gables. The Tar Heels will travel to Miami to try to end their undefeated conference run, but they’ll have an uphill battle if they want to “upset” the Canes.

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