Georgetown Hoyas Forward Otto Porter Jr Making a Case for Big East POY

By Joseph Nardone
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There are names more recognizable to the common eye in the Big East Conference than Otto Porter Jr. – Sean Kilpatrick, Russ Smith, D’Angelo Harrison, are just a few names people like to throw around when talking about Big East Player of the Year, but the less commonly-known Porter should be getting more consideration for the award.

This is due in large parts to the Georgetown Hoyas not exactly being the funnest team in college hoops to watch. In fact, you can’t even describe what kind of team they are, because neither can their coach. For years, the Hoyas have run the “Princeton” offense – well that was until this year, when coach John Thompson III said that’s not what they run.

Regardless, Georgetown can go a few games without hitting the broad side of a barn, playing horrible defense, only to turn that puppy around and score 80 in the their next game and look like the best defensive team in the nation. Nobody, not even their mother, could describe in detail what is going on with the Hoyas. Yet, no matter how hard it is to pigeonhole this team into a description, they’re still winning a lot of games.

This is where Porter comes in. The sophomore forward is offensively efficient (51% from the floor), can stretch the defensive out (46% from beyond the arc), rebound (7.6 rebounds per game), and just flat-out fill out a box-score (15 ppg, 1.8 steals per, 1.1 blocks per). If Georgetown needs something done in any particular area at any certain time, Porter is there to oblige any and all situations.

Porter has quickly become one of the most diverse, important players to any one team. I don’t know of another player that means more to their team than Porter does to the Hoyas.

The fact that Georgetown is so wildly inconsistent but continues to win games (16-4 overall record) is in large parts because of Porter. A player who can do everything, and do it well, should only be in the running for an award that feels like it was meant for him.

Clearly, the last few games for each of the players in the running for Big East POY will likely end up having the biggest impact on who wins the award. I doubt any of the players who are serious contenders would rather win the award than have team success. However, I don’t think they have to choose one or another, as they will likely come hand in hand.

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