Louisville Cardinals Guard Russ Smith Throws Down a Russdiculous Dunk (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the season were you aware of a new word making the rounds on the interweb? Are you somehow unaware of how awesome Louisville Cardinals guard Russ Smith is? Have no fear, the man who coach Rick Pitino named his horse after did something so amazing last night that a video has surfaced on the internet. Whether you are using DSL, or still somehow connecting to AOL through dial-up, you need not be scared as this video, while amazing, will only come close to crashing your Internet connection.


That young man, one whose name gets brought up for Big East Player of the Year, goes by a name other than Smith. As I mentioned before, Pitino named his horse after the guard, calling it Russdiculous because of the questionable shot selection that Smith sometime has. Of course, the loyal Cardinal fanbase has parlayed the horse’s name into a new nickname for Smith.

Not only does this show that Pitino is clearly a master of everything in the universe, but that Smith is surely his second in command. Think of Smith as a cult leader, but in a good way, where his followers are just waiting to say his name. Or, really, just utter the hilarious Russdiculous nickname.

Either way, it is all gravy for the Cardinals as they ride a three-game winning streak and only sit a half game out of first place in the Big East. As for Smith, he is currently averaging a Russdiculous 18 points per game and is making a name for himself accross the nation.

Even if it isn’t his own, but a horse’s.

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