Arizona Controls Their Own Destiny in the Pac 12

By Anthony Lenahan
Casey Sapio-USA Today Sports

Arizona came into Pac 12 play undefeated and with no one else in the conference playing well, they looked like they could cruise to the Pac 12 championship.  After losing to a surging Oregon team in their only meeting of the year and failing to beat a talented UCLA team, the Wildcats fell to 4-2 in the conference.

Since then, they have won four straight and with the help of a couple of Oregon loses and a couple of other teams losing, the Wildcats have regained the top overall spot in the conference by a game and control their own destiny the rest of the way for the regular season Pac 12 championship.

Arizona should be able to take down the Pac 12 championship if they continue to play like they have been.  If the Wildcats can manage to win the conference and the conference tournament they could potentially have a chance at a No. 1 seed when March Madness rolls around.

With a favorable schedule the rest of the way, the only real difficult game the Wildcats have is when they head on the road to UCLA, a team they have already lost to.  Now UCLA will get their home court advantage which helps out a lot in conference play, but also UCLA is getting better every game they play.

A loss from Arizona in that game could open up the door to Oregon or UCLA who both own the tie-breaker over Arizona, barring they all finished with the same conference record.

Oregon though has been struggling greatly without Dominic Artis and looks like they can fall a couple more times this season, leaving the race between the Bruins and the Wildcats with Arizona State in their rearview mirror.

No. 7 Arizona now controls their own destiny and needs to take advantage of the opportunity they have to win the conference championship.

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