Bill Self Sees This College Basketball Season Differently Than Others Do

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Bill Self Kansas Jayhawks
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Most college basketball coaches and analysts agree that the level of play this season is down throughout college basketball. Jay Bilas, ESPN analyst, blames the scoring on the rules that allow physical play. Jim Boeheim, Hall of Famer and Head Coach of the Syracuse Orangemen, thinks it is because that most of the best players leave early for the draft so the overall talent level is not there like it used to be.

Kansas Jayhawks Head Coach Bill Self was on the popular ESPN radio show, “Mike and Mike in the Morning” and was asked what this thoughts on the college basketball season were in regards to it being the fifth straight week that the No. 1 team in the country has lost.

Self’s response was that, “I probably look at it a little different. I thought in November/December that there wasn’t a great team or maybe even a really, really, really good team. I look at it now that I think everybody’s gotten better.”

Self added, “At least the majority have. We haven’t played well this past week, but everybody’s gotten better. I think there’s a lot of really, really, really good teams and when you are playing really, really, really good teams on the road a lot of times it’s an upset if you actually win.”

This school of thought is a definite change from the negativity that surrounds parity in college basketball.

To apply that logic to his own team, Self is aware that what his teams at Kansas have accomplished (eight straight Big 12 titles and a national championship) is historic.

He appreciates where his program has been and where it is going and because of that sentiment Self has a great perspective on his team and where they will be come March.

Despite the tough loss to TCU this week, Self knows that each week he will be playing good teams that elevate their game against his Jayhawks.

That is the reality for Kansas.

If that makes college basketball “boring” because there are no “great” teams then Coach Self will agree to disagree with his peers.

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