Duke Basketball Should be Ashamed of Cameron Crazies (Video)

By Chris Katje
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Cameron Crazies student section for Duke University’s basketball team is one of the most well known in NCAA Basketball. The fans have come up with some clever chants and are credited with starting the world famous “air-ball” chant back in the 1970s. However, if reports are true from Thursday night’s game, the student section should be apologizing for a chant.

Reports are out that the student section chanted “How’s your grandma” at North Carolina State basketball player Tyler Lewis. The sad thing is Lewis’s grandma just passed away on Friday. She was 83 years old and received a phone call from Lewis every day while she was in the hospital.


Chants didn’t seem to bother Lewis, as he played 39 minutes and scored 13 points. The student section chanted this while he shot free throws, but he still went 5-5 from the charity stripe. On Saturday, one day after his grandma passed, Lewis scored a career high 16 points against Miami coming off the bench.

If the reports are true this wouldn’t be the first time an NC State player was targeted by the Cameron Crazies. Lorenzo Charles, who had stolen pizzas on campus before a game, was hit with pizza boxes during a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Chris Washburn, an NC State player who stole a stereo, was hit with records from Duke’s student section.

Over 1,200 fans are part of the Cameron Crazies student section during Duke’s home games. The section has come up with some memorable chants. Despite this fact, coach Mike Krzyzewski has asked his student body to cheer on Duke and not make fun of opponents. I understand “air-ball” chants and making loud noises. However, throwing items at players, making fun of player’s heights, and now mocking the dead are uncalled for.

Duke may have gotten the win on Thursday, but the school and fans lost. This is ridiculous behavior from a student body. Duke has denied the incident ever occurred and might have to eat its own words.

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