Duke: University Shouldn't Be Blamed For Students' Actions

By Sean Labar
duke fans

Last night, The Duke Blue Devils beat the North Carolina State Wolfpack 98-85 in front of an always raucous crowd at Cameron Indoor Stadium. After the match-up, reports surfaced that the Duke students crossed the line while trying to get in the head of one of their opponents.

NBA writer Alex Kennedy tweeted this after the game:

Tyler Lewis’ grandmother died last Friday. He was close to her and called her every day to check in. Duke fans chanted “How’s your Grandma.

If this is true, it is absolutely sickening that those individuals would attack someone’s relative who recently passed away. I stress the word individuals.

This wasn’t the entire student body, this wasn’t the Duke players and coaching staff, this wasn’t the die-hard Blue Devils’ fans that have been coming to games for years.

This was a select group of loud mouthed college kids, trying to be funny. They failed miserably at the expense of someone else.

I have seen N.C. State fans lash out on social media all morning saying that Duke is, “disgusting”, and “disgraceful.” I can’t blame them. They are reacting to what the media says and blaming an entire University for an individual act.

Duke University will not and should not be punished. The students, who chose to lash out in such a cruel way, should.

In January, Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith said that New England Patriots fans harassed him about his brother dying tragically a few months earlier.

This is just another example of individuals sinking to an all-time low because of a simple game. Unfortunately, it happens at almost every college and professional sporting event across the nation. There is no overnight solution for ignorance.

Sports are one of the things that make this country so great, it gives us an outlet, something to grab onto and become a “part of.” But in my opinion, nothing is ever bigger or more important than someone’s life or a personal tragedy.

Oftentimes, fans lose sight of the bigger picture.


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