Update: A Decision Has Not Yet Been Made on James Southerland's Appeal

By Anthony Lenahan
Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

Today, at 1:00 P.M., James Southerland’s appeal was heard by a hearings panel. The hearing took about two hours, and a decision is yet to have been made regarding the future of the Syracuse Orange‘s senior forward.

His hearing was heard in front of a panel that consists of an equal number of instructors and students along with an administrator. There are usually an odd amount of people on the panel because the decision is made based on a majority vote so with an odd amount of judges, you can have an outright decision made.

Even though a decision has not been made yet on Southerland’s eligibility, he was allowed to practice with the team today. Southerland practicing has no indication at all on what the decision will be, and he has been permitted to practice with the team, though he is not allowed to play in the games.

There is also no time-table set on when he will be ruled eligible or remain ineligible. This is a huge hearing for the Syracuse Orange because Southerland means so much to their team. He is their third-leading scorer and one of their best outside shooters, but he is also a senior and brings a great deal of leadership and experience.

Syracuse’s next game is on Sunday against St. John’s, but even if Southerland is ruled eligible, it may not be in time for him to play on Sunday.

Both Southerland and Coach Jim Boeheim would not comment on the situation after practice today, and we will just have to wait and find out what the panel decides.

This decision can make or break the Orange’s chance at a national championship, and they are extremely anxious to find out the result of the appeal as quickly as possible.

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