Best Team in ACC: Duke Blue Devils or the Miami Hurricanes?

By brandonmoultrie
Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports

If you could pick one school that you think will win the ACC Championship, which one would it be?  There appears to be two schools that have separated themselves from the pack in the conference, and that’s the Miami Hurricanes and the Duke Blue Devils.  Now keep in mind that Duke is missing one of their best players in Ryan Kelly, and it is uncertain as to when he will return, although it’s expected that he will return at some point this year.

The coaching advantage obviously goes to Mike Krzyzewski as he is one of the best coaches of all time.  But that doesn’t take anything away from Miami Head Coach Jim Larranaga, as he is one of the hottest coaches in the nation right now.  As those of us around the country continue to learn more about Larranaga, one of the things that’s impressive about him is his ability to not only connect with, but to motivate his team.  They appear to really respond to him in a positive way.  Of course, Coach K is the master Xs and Os coach, and not many can “out game plan” the staff at Duke.

But as Duke is a team with a lot of experience, great discipline, and well defined roles, the Miami Hurricanes are the most feared team in the country right now.  Duke has risen to a level where they can beat teams just by the name on the front of their jersey because of tradition.  But Miami’s play on the court has each and every team left on their schedule shaking in their boots.  So which team would you choose?  Miami or Duke?

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