Non-Traditional Year for North Carolina Tar Heels

By brandonmoultrie


Bob Donnan – USA TODAY Sports

When was the last time you saw a North Carolina basketball team get blown off of the basketball court?   It hasn’t happened very often in the history of the program, I can tell you that much.   But after today’s embarrassing loss in Coral Gables to the red hot Miami Hurricanes, the Tar Heels will be doing some looking in the mirror to find out where they will go from here.

It just appears that this North Carolina team isn’t quite as talented as we are used to seeing from Roy Williams.  This is not a case of the roster being void of big names, as they have the likes of Reggie Bullock and James Michael McAdoo, but it’s just a matter of this team not having enough experience and chemistry to live up to the expectations in Chapel Hill.  This team does have future potential should the entire team return to school, but as of right now they’re really struggling on the defensive end and overall they’re struggling to find an identity.

North Carolina must bounce back quickly if they wish to avoid a catastrophic collapse.  Coming off of a devastating loss to Miami, their next game will be played in the arena where they are most hated.  You can believe the fans of the Duke Blue Devils will heckle the Tar Heels every chance they get, and make it very uncomfortable for the UNC inside of their building.  This could be danger time for North Carolina, but a big win on the road at Duke could be huge in turning around their season.

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