Ole Miss Rebels Dismantled by the Missouri Tigers

By Taylor Sturm
Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

The Ole Miss Rebels have been the Cinderella team in the SEC the past few weeks, coming from complete obscurity to burst into the national rankings and be seen by some as a potential dark horse in the race for the SEC. On Saturday, the Missouri Tigers showed why the Rebels are not as good of a team as many have billed by destroying Ole Miss by 19 points and nearly scoring 100.

This game shows why Missouri is a better team and will go farther in the tournament than Ole Miss. Missouri, when healthy (the key phrase here), can handle any team in the SEC except Florida – and the Gators are in another class entirely.  The Tigers had a ton of help from Forward Alex Oriakhi, who has not been an offensive threat for most of the season. If Oriakhi can keep up this kind of offensive style, Missouri goes from being a threat in the SEC to a full-blown title contender.

When Ole Miss does not hit threes, the Rebels cannot win. The Tigers, by showing this, have limited the Rebels’ potential, because now teams will be able to watch this game and exploit the Rebels’ weaknesses. By forcing Marshall Henderson to force his shots rather than choose them, the Tigers have found the best way to stop Ole Miss.

Watching the Tigers destroy Ole Miss like this will make the SEC tournament extremely interesting. An SEC final between Florida and Missouri might change the entire outlook of the NCAA tournament

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