Parity Is Good For College Basketball

By brandonmoultrie

In a normal college basketball season, there are usually some teams that we consider clear cut favorites to make a national title run, and a pack of other teams that identify themselves as ones who could make a run and challenge those teams.  Then each year, you can count of a team coming from out of nowhere to put pressure on a big time program in the NCAA Tournament.

But as that is the usual formula for a college basketball year, this year has brought us a refreshing change to that formula.  Although a bit weird, it appears as though no team wants to solidify itself as the dominant team in college basketball.  As Coach John Calipari doesn’t have one of his loaded rosters for the first time in a few years, the field has been left wide open and no one wants to walk through it.

The Duke Blue Devils initially appeared to be the team slated to prance their way through the season until conference play began and they lost one of their key players in Ryan Kelly.  Then it appeared to be the Michigan Wolverines turn to resurrect their programs folklore, but their time as the top ranked team would quickly fade; as the Big Ten has shown that it has several teams that are very talented.  As of right now, it looks as if the Miami Hurricanes have built a solid momentum and are beginning to be considered as the premier team in college basketball.  The only thing for sure is that there is enormous parity in college basketball this season, and the championship will be there for the taking.

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