Miami Hurricanes' Shane Larkin Is A Gamer

By brandonmoultrie
shane larkin

There is a rising college basketball star at the point guard position by the name of Shane Larkin.  The Miami Hurricanes sophomore guard is leading his team to one of the greatest seasons in program history.  He has captured the attention of the nation with lights out three point shooting, pinpoint passing, and excellent leadership.

The son of Hall of Fame baseball player Barry Larkin, Shane is showing that he took great notes as a youngster.  His ability to get Miami in and out of their offense has been the key to their success this season.  With numerous offensive weapons and a team full of offensive firepower, Larkin has exceeded the expectations of a point guard.  On a team where there is a plethora of offensive talent, but only one basketball, Shane has had a great knack of spreading the ball around to feed his offensive weapons.

For his own game, he’s been sensational from the three point line.  He’s a nightmare when the defense gets caught out of position, and he will make you pay when found open.  He’s very much in control of his team, and plays the game with the moxie and intelligence of a senior.  He’s dazzled the Hurricane faithful with tons of nice passes that have lead to easy baskets by his teammates.  As Miami is now the hottest team in the country and are positioning themselves to make a run at the ACC and National Championship, Shane Larkin has been the engine behind this new college basketball machine.

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