Big East Conference: Half as Highly Valued As Catholic Seven, 2014 Split Targeted

By Joseph Nardone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So much Big East Conference debacle news and so little time (Or people left to care). The abomination of what is going to continue to be called the Big East, and the seven catholic schools who plan to leave it, are hoping to work out an agreement that has the Catholic Seven departing in the summer of 2014. The idea of a whole year going by before the split is to happen is so both parties can properly organize network deals, continue conference expansion, allow Big East commissioner Mike Aresco to continue his trend of killing a once proud conference in new hipper ways, and so on.

That’s not the only news that is starting to come out about these two separate factions. ESPN is reporting that NBC Sports and the Big East has verbally agreed to a $20-23 million a year deal, that spans six years, in which NBC will obtain the conference’s media rights. That number sounds super-nice and fancy, right? Wrong. The Catholic Seven is reportedly getting an offer from Fox Sports for nearly double the amount of money the Big East is being offered, up to a cool $40 million per year depending on how many teams join the conference.

This just shows how devalued the Big East is, as they have both football and hoops to offer networks while the Catholic Seven only has basketball. Considering college basketball is much less a ratings draw than football, but networks deem a basketball only league in the Catholic Seven more viable, only shows that network executives now know how to classify what the Big East is going to become, as a slightly less than mid-major type of conference. Think of the new Big East as something a little bit better than the NEC but loads worse than the MAC.

So, for all you lifelong Big East fans such as I, here is a recap. The Big East is quickly losing every relevant team that ever played in the conference. A commissioner, who is less than a year on the  job, is more worried about keeping the Big East moniker than improving the product. Despite living in a football craved world, and the Catholic Seven being a basketball only conference, the Big East can’t even get a network deal similar to the one the seven departing schools are getting.

Again, for the people who still blindly defend the Big East.

Football equals loads of ratings and is clearly the most popular sport in America.

College basketball draws the lowest ratings of the major sports (The NHL isn’t a major sport in the US, sorry).

The Catholic Seven does NOT offer football.

The Big East offers basketball and America’s favorite sport, football.

The Catholic Seven is getting network deals for nearly double the amount the Big East is offered.

The Catholic Seven have a very bright future while they start a brand new super-hoops conference.

The Big East isn’t dead, it isn’t even the Big East. They are using the moniker but are indeed, just an abomination of what used to be.

Mike Aresco adds sugar and his own tears to make his morning cup of coffee.

I hate what has happened to the Big East and if they were somehow related to me, I’d beat them with a stick then banish them from all family functions.

I can’t wait to see what the Catholic Seven has in store for the future.

The Big East has no future.

Okay, do we get it now? Can we finally put the nail in the Big East coffin? Without me having to use disgusting language, we know that the Big East is a horrible, sham, disgusting, abomination, atrocity, Richard Simmons loving, (of a) conference, right?

Joe covers the Catholic Seven for Rant Sports. For the love of Sam Cassell, follow Joe on the Twitter Machine @JosephNardone


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