Despite Defeating Clemson, the North Carolina State Wolfpack Lack Intelligence

By Michael Roberts
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports


The North Carolina State Wolfpack finally won a road game in conference action by defeating the Clemson Tigers 58-57

Scott Wood bailed out another poor performance away from home by nailing a three-pointer to give his team a victory they didn’t deserve. This was a game the Tigers will be kicking themselves for weeks after allowing it to escape from them, as they held a 12 point lead in the first half.

The Wolfpack routinely displayed their lack of intelligence throughout the contest, proving if college basketball put on a play of the Wizard of Oz, N.C. State would have a roster full of Scarecrows.

The Wolfpack have six of the most talented players in the country on their roster yet routinely make boneheaded mistakes even in the fourth month of the season. Freshmen Rodney Purvis and T.J. Warren would be number one or number two scoring options on nearly 300 different schools in the country. C.J. Leslie displays flashes of looking like Kevin Garnett while Lorenzo Brown is the closest thing to Rajon Rondo college basketball has seen in years.

The talent loaded roster should be in the top 10 rankings in the nation yet can’t keep it together when it matters most and always end up shooting themselves in the foot. The Wolfpack are 6-5 in conference play but have lost four games by a combined total of only seven points, including two one point losses. The numbers prove the team is talented, they wouldn’t be in the games if they weren’t however they can’t close because of their scarecrow syndrome.

The Clemson game looked like it was going to play out exactly like the four close losses, with awful decision making looking like it was going to take another victory away from the Wolfpack. Nobody in the nation would take the Tigers roster over N.C. State’s but they would take the brains of their players.

Leslie had about six different moments where he tried to hand the win to Clemson. He’d either pick up an offensive foul, tip out a Richard Howell shot that was going in, travel or deny his guards the ball and try to think he was a point guard carrying the ball up the floor. Meanwhile his teammates weren’t any better by forcing up three-pointers with 35.9 seconds left on the shot clock or driving the lane uncontrollably.

The talent on the Wolfpack should have them in the national title discussion as the pre-season predictions weren’t wrong analyzing the team.

Unfortunately, the lack of intelligence that is mind boggling at times is what will prevent this team from going deep in March, unless magically they do take a trip to Oz.

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