ESPN Analysts Whine Their Way Through Five Overtimes, Louisville Goes Down to Notre Dame

By Jon Hancock
Digger Phelps, Dick Vitale

It was another battle between Louisville and Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Although Louisville had control most of the game, the Cardinals could not hold onto the lead and the game went into five overtimes–which is the longest game in Notre Dame history.

The game ended with Notre Dame winning, 104-101.

Although it was an amazing game, the most interesting part of the game was what was said off the court by ESPN analyst Dick Vitale. Now there is an unspoken rule in sports, at least in the media part of it, that you need to stay unbiased while calling a game. It allows fans from both sides to enjoy the game.

It was bad enough that Digger Phelps, who used to coach the Irish in the 70’s and led them to a Final Four in 1978, played the Notre Dame homer card the entire pre-game on ESPN’s College Gameday. Then Dick Vitale, who is also in love with the blue and gold, talked the complete game about how hard Notre Dame’s players and coaches were working.

I realize I had to sit through the complete game, late into the midnight hour, but there has to be a line that the media can’t cross. You could tell Vitale wanted Notre Dame to win, even complained when fouls didn’t got the Irish’s way.

On the court Chane Behanan had a career high 30 points and added 14 rebounds. He has struggled the past few weeks. Despite the loss, Louisville has to be happy with his play.

Garrick Sherman, a 6’10” junior, did not play much until the many overtimes, but played huge after Notre Dame’s staring center and team leader, Jack Cooley, fouled out in the second-half. Sherman has 17 points and six rebounds. Before this game he averaged just 15 minutes per game, you would think coach Mike Brey will play the Michigan State transfer more after this performance.

So ESPN, allow the game to be dictated on the floor and don’t let homers rant and rave on the television about a certain team. Each college player deserves to have their moment to shine, they do not need an analyst to show favoritism.

Those are my thoughts, do you agree?

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