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Is Wichita State Playing Themselves Out Of The NCAA Tournament?

Jeff Early-Wichita State

Peter Aiken-US Presswire

Is it is possible for the Wichita State Shockers to be playing themselves out of an NCAA tournament birth?

With their third straight conference lost and the last one to the last place team in the Missouri Valley; Southern Illinois,  it might be time to start panicking.  If they keep this up, they might find themselves in a different postseason tournament than what they originally thought they would be in.

It’s been kind of hard to figure out why they are losing these games.  The Indiana State game is understandable as they are a very solid team.  The loss at Northern Iowa was also kind of surprising as they had just beaten the Panthers by 25 points about a month ago.  Then, this loss on Tuesday to a struggling team in the Salukis’ is more than surprising, it’s unacceptable.

It seems as if the Shockers struggle against teams that are able to slow them down and not turn them over.  This was a common theme over the past three games.

The good news for the Shockers is that their next two games are at home and against teams that are near the bottom of the conference.  If the Shockers want to keep their NCAA tournament hopes alive these next two home games are must wins for them. The month of February can be great for some, but worse for others.

Only time will tell how the Shockers will fare, but the bottom line is that they must right the ship before their recent struggles add up even more.