North Carolina has no Time to Feel Sorry for Themselves

By Anthony Lenahan
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

North Carolina got absolutely crushed by Miami (FL) yesterday, but they have to get over it right away.  The game was over in the first half and the Tar Heels had no shot to come back.  It was not a heartbreaking loss for UNC and they have no reason to have regret in the game.  In fact, they don’t have any time to feel sorry for themselves because they get their first shot at Duke on Wednesday.

Carolina is standing at 16-7 overall and desperately needs a quality win to boost their resume and propel them into the NCAA tournament in March.  With a loss to No. 8 Miami yesterday, the Tar Heels chances at getting that much needed quality win are dwindling away.

James Michael McAdoo looked to have finally found his form by having his best two games of they year in the Tar Heels’ last two games.  Yesterday, he took a step backward and just had a game he needs to forget about and move on from.  He was 3-12 from the field for just six points and he was not able to get to the free throw line once.  McAdoo also turned the ball over three times and got blocked a couple of times as well.  Overall it was not McAdoo’s day, but it wasn’t any Tar Heels’ day yesterday.

Carolina was playing with intensity, nothing was going its way though.  They need to bring the same intensity against Duke and just hope they don’t shoot 60 percent from behind the arc like Miami did.  They also can’t really play any worse offensively than they did and that will have to change on Wednesday.

It’s Carolina vs. Duke, every Tar Heel player has to realize that and forget about the clinic Miami put on them.  If Carolina can’t get that bad taste out of its mouth, it will get beat down even worse by its biggest rival.

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