Still Believe In The Kansas Jayhawks

By John Hayden
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks just lost their third straight game on the road against the Oklahoma Sooners who are unranked. The last time they lost three games to unranked teams was back in 1998 when they won the National Championship. So as heard on twitter, Don’t stop believing. This team is made up a little differently than that team was that year but they pulled together and won it all. Can this team still make a run for the Big 12 title and the National Championship?

This writer believes in the Jayhawks and want they are capable of. The game against Oklahoma State took their confidence away and shook them up some. The game at TCU was them shell shocked from the loss against Oklahoma State and they just came out thinking they would blow them out but instead still had fear in their veins. They weren’t afraid of the Horned Frogs but instead were afraid of losing again and fell apart trying to win. The game today against Oklahoma was a wake up call and they were getting back to playing Kansas ball again. So this Monday night is the most important game for the Jayhawks when their nemesis, the Kansas State Wildcats come into town.

This game will really determine if the Jayhawks have overcome the adversity and is ready to plow the rest of the way in the Big 12. They still have a lot of mountains to climb but I believe that they will turn things around this Monday night. They have great Seniors who will not let this team skid anymore and they have a great supporting cast who will fight all the way to the final buzzer for the win. This team is down but they are not broken and on Monday night what they need more than anything is their fans to believe in them.  Coach Bill Self even stated after the loss today: “We need our fans,”  “I am not one to beg very often. I am not begging now. Our team has been stung a little bit — 19-4 isn’t the worst record we’ve ever had at this stage. We’ve had a great year. We’ve had a crappy week, but we can still get it back. If we win Monday we’ll be tied for the league lead. If not we’ll be looking up and put ourselves in position it’ll be very hard to catch up.”

There were positive things that came out of these three losses. First, Jeff Withey moved into a tie with Greg Ostertag as No. 1 human flyswatter in school history.  Withey had one block today which gives him 258 blocks. He passes Cole Aldrich and Eric Chenowith on the all time Kansas block list and this Monday night he will be number one. Second, Offensively the Jayhawks moved the ball much better today and looked to be in more of a flow. Third, Naadir Tharpe was solid today, knocking down 3-5 from the floor and committing only one turnover. He is starting to find his groove at the right time for the Jayhawks. When he is aggressive by slashing towards the rim he is unstoppable but he makes silly mistakes when he hesitates.

These Jayhawks are not done on their mission to win their ninth straight Big 12 Championship. They won’t give up, they won’t stop fighting, they won’t just tuck their tails behind them in hide, and they won’t lose this Monday night. They just have to clean up a few things, like their free throw shooting, rebounding and must have a complete game on both defense and offense to bounce back from this downward spiral. The walk on guard Niko Roberts posted this on twitter this morning, “I wouldn’t trade my teammates for any in the world… You’ll see !!” I wouldn’t trade any of these players either and we will see this Monday night. So Kansas fans, “Don’t Stop Believing!”  It’s time for the Jayhawks to shine in prime time.

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