Indiana Deserved to Remain No. 1 in the AP Poll

By Anthony Lenahan
Bradley Leeb-USA Today Sports

After a week full of upsets and four of the top five teams falling with only No. 4 Duke failing to loss during the week after barely holding off Boston College, no one knew what to expect from the AP Poll released today.

Indiana was ranked No. 1 last week, but lost on the road to a struggling Illinois team at the buzzer.  However, they were able to rebound from that devastating loss and go on the road to beat Ohio State yesterday.  In their rout over the Buckeyes, they showed the country that they deserved to remain No. 1 despite falling earlier in the week.

The Hoosiers received 26 of the 65 first place votes to lead all teams.  Duke received the second most at 20 with Miami following them at 17.  Other than those 3 teams, no one else really had a case for being No. 1 especially and that is why they combined for 53 of the 65 total first place votes.

Not only was Indiana voted to be No. 1, but they deserved to be No. 1.  Yeah they lost to an unranked Illinois team on the road, but don’t forget that same Illinois team also started the season 12-0.  Also you can’t forget that the Hoosiers lost that game on the road and every team knows how hard it is to win on the road especially in a place where Indiana has struggled over the years.

Indiana also plays in the Big 10, the toughest conference in America, hands down.  They are 9-2 in conference play with their two losses coming by a combined 7 points.

In conference play, the Hoosiers have beaten Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Ohio State.  All four of the teams were in the top 15 when Indiana handed them another loss.

Quality wins and only three losses when playing in the toughest conference in the country shows that the Hoosiers deserve to be the top rated team in the country.

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