The Battle Part Two Between The Kansas Jayhawks And The Kansas State Wildcats

By John Hayden
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

After three losses in a row, playing out of sync and playing too soft are not on the minds of the Kansas Jayhawks anymore.

Their mindset is now focused on their game at home this Monday night against their nemesis, the Kansas State Wildcats. Its like Thor verses his brother Loki in another battle to be the king of all gods, but in this case to be the champion of the Big 12. Kansas was being nice to their arch rival the Wildcats to let them feel how nice it is to be number one in the league for a few days. Monday night, the real battle begins in Lawrence in front of a crowd who still believes in their Jayhawks, and know what they are capable of.

To win, this game, the Jayhawks will need Travis Releford to be consistent and play with passion for them. Jeff Withey needs to become tough inside and put on a mean streak and become a  fierce presence inside. He needs to block shots, alter the Wildcats shots and crash the boards hard each time like he did in the last battle.

Elijah Johnson will come out of his funk and play his best game of the season Monday night. he will not let this team lose twice at home and four times in a row especially against the Wildcats. Bruce Webber will have his game plan ready, and his Wildcats prepared to go into the Phog and battle till the final buzzer. They as a team are playing great right now, and it will take a team effort  from the Jayhawks to beat them which they can do. Their focus is now on this game and to come out with an impressive victory.

So many have given up on these Jayhawks and believe that they will continue losing games, especially tomorrow night . There has been a lot of adversity surrounding this team, but one thing is clear you should never count out these Jayhawks.

Johnson, in an interview, said this: “With the adversity and everybody saying what they’re saying about us, with me being a team leader, I’m going to keep my head up regardless of whether the people love or hate me.”

He will prove it on the court this Monday night in a battle that everyone will be watching. Coach Bill Self will have this team focused, prepared and ready to battle from the tip off to the final buzzer. It is time to strike up the band and wave the wheat. Let the battle begin.

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