More Is On the Line Than the SEC When the Florida Gators Play the Kentucky Wildcats

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night the Kentucky Wildcats take on the Florida Gators in an important game that every SEC basketball fan has looked forward to since before the season began. However, many would have assumed that Florida’s No. 7 ranking and Kentucky’s No. 25 ranking would be reversed. Kentucky has been a disappointment all season, and, although Florida was expected to be extremely good, very few expected Florida to be capable of blowing out as many talented teams as the Gators have.

A win for Florida further shows why the Gators should be a top 5 team and should cement the Gators’ position as a one or two seed in the NCAA tournament. Florida looks determined to play for a national championship and, despite a couple bad games for the Gators, looks capable of winning the whole tournament.

A win for Kentucky means that the Wildcats can push their way back into the middle of the top 25 rankings and, barring any major upsets, can work their way up the ladder for a better seed in the NCAA tournament. Expect Kentucky to work its way to a position the Wildcats play a tough mid-level team in the first round of the tournament.

This game is what the SEC is all about – Strong, experienced teams (Florida) versus Young talented teams (Kentucky). Every year is seems that the SEC championship boils down to these two types of teams. Last year Vanderbilt was the older experienced team and prevailed over the young Kentucky team. The difference between last year’s Commodores and this year’s Gators is that the Gator’s have has success before and expect to succeed again. The winner of this game is headed for a strong run in the NCAA tournament, and the loser may just end up being a disappointment.

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