Florida’s Casey Prather Needs to Come Up Big Down the Stretch

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The Florida Gators have had the case of the injury bug all season long. As a result, forward Will Yeguete will miss some time and it is up to Casey Prather to not only make up for his absence, but to also come up big down the stretch.

The Gators do not have a big lineup whatsoever, with Erik Murphy being the tallest player on the team at 6’10’’. However, big man Patric Young is the center on the team and he is only 6’9’’.

This means that Florida’s other forwards need to be that much better, especially if either Young or Murphy fouls out of a game. The Gators haven’t really had to deal with that a whole lot this season, but just wait until they play bigger lineups in the NCAA tournament.

It will be interesting to see how the Gators fair against their rival in the Kentucky Wildcats, given that this team has some big boys on its team.

Well, Prather is a very athletic forward and he has been showing off his defensive abilities all season long. However, expect his 5.9 points per game to start to increase with more playing time.

In Florida’s last game, Prather had 12 points and five rebounds. If the 6’6’’ forward starts playing 22 minutes per game, like he did against Mississippi State, you can bet that Prather will average numbers like that all of the time.

This team clearly has one of the best backcourts in all of college basketball, but with the emergence of Prather down the stretch, many people will start to notice its front court. Not to mention, Prather could really help out the team by coming up big down the stretch.


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