Georgetown Hoyas Alumni Supporting Catholic Seven Departure

By Joseph Nardone
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgetown Hoyas basketball program has a proud history. However, that history doesn’t really include a collegiate atmosphere like the one you see at some other more wild arenas. The Hoyas play in an NBA arena, the Verizon Center, which seats 20,000 people and is nearly four miles away from where students actually go to class. Making matters worse, a four-mile walk for students isn’t exactly appealing nor remotely helping to fill up as many seats as an on-campus gym would.

However, there is a group of Georgetown alumni who plan on helping in any way it can. The Georgetown Stonewalls plan on treating their beloved Hoyas basketball team as Europeans treat their favorite soccer club. Which is to say, they want to go bonkers at every home game and be supportive while being as creative as humanly possible. Well, the Georgetown Stonewalls have succeeded in doing so.

Credit- Ben Standig(@BenStandig) From Twitter Post

As you can tell from the picture, the Stonewalls put together a poster depicting seven people in hooded styled sweatshirts, representing the Catholic Seven, proclaiming that “Basketball is our religion.” This is awesome on so many different levels.

Not only is this showing some support for their favorite team, it also shows a new and creative way to support all seven private schools departing to form a new conference. I don’t know of many other fanbases which would support a group of teams in such a creative fashion.

Not even Big East commissioner Mike Aresco could think of something this clever–assuming he ever has a clever thought.

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