Oklahoma State Cowboys Freshman Marcus Smart will be Dancing Deep into March

By Joseph Nardone
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

How good is Oklahoma State Cowboys freshman Marcus Smart? The short answer is, very good. For those of you oblivious to the OK State guard’s abilities, here is a little breakdown of what his box-score looks like, 15-6-5. Not only is he becoming a player who fills the box-score, he is doing so in an incredibly effortless way, not just for a freshman but for any player in the nation.

While 40 percent from the floor doesn’t seem like an efficient number, but with teams starting to focus in on Smart, it is amazing he hasn’t been slowed down to the point of hurting his team. The Cowboys currently have a 17-5 record and are ranked as the 17th best team in the nation. Not bad for a squad who doesn’t have a single player who gets as much national buzz as some lesser talents in the Eastern Time Zone do.

But the Cowboys and Smart aren’t looking for national recognition, they are looking to become players in March. Many experts think Smart is a lottery pick type of player, so the window for success is rather small for the budding program. Markel Brown, their leading scorer, is a junior who has convinced some that his play warrants an early draft entry. Next year’s version of this team can look totally different and essentially be much less successful.

The time is now for Oklahoma Sate. With a player as talented as Smart, the sky is the limit as to how far they can go in March. It has been widely an unspoken fact, you need at least one dominate guard to go deep in the tournament, the Cowboys have two.

Smart is only going to get better, more efficient, and dangerous as the season goes on. If you haven’t seen him play yet you need not worry, as I suggest you will have ample time come March Madness.

Smart and the Cowboys aren’t going anywhere soon.

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