ACC Basketball: Florida State vs Miami Now a Strong Rivarly

By Joseph Nardone
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminoles aren’t exactly having a season to remember. Well, that’s not entirely true. They have moments of the season that will likely live long in FSU lore. Those moments, albeit brief, came at the hands of Michael Snaer.

Snaer is that player you see on SportsCenter once a week, nailing game winning shot after game winning shot. Through Snaer’s four-year career, he has hit approximately 45,324 buzzer beaters (Thanks to the Rant Sports stats department) and has kept Seminoles basketball pretty entertaining.

Although, they aren’t nearly the most entertaining team, in their own state. The Miami Hurricanes, who have long been a poor basketball program, are bringing back the “Swag” to The U. Led by Shane Larkin, and a group of men who are old enough to have children on opposing team’s rosters, the Hurricanes have taken the college basketball world by storm. Whether it has been them doing the “Wojo” slap against the Duke Blue Devils, alley-oops off the backboard while up 20, or just being flat-out awesome, Miami has become one of the most intriguing teams this season.

Same state, two different programs, headed in two different directions.

Again, not entirely true. Florida State has one of their better recruiting classes come in next year and the Hurricanes are going to lose 5 seniors to graduation or retirement(Some are that old). However, I hope both programs will continue to improve for the future. College hoops is built on rivals, especially ones that are the in-state variety.

While the game tonight pits two teams having polar opposite seasons, their shouldn’t be a lack of excitement. Who knows who will be in the stands, whether or not The U will start to do the tomahawk chop, or if Snaer decides to go bonkers and hit another buzzer beater. Exciting basketball, and another strong in-state ACC rivalry, in the state of Florida?

Yes please.

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