Brigham Young Cougars Coach Dave Rose Optimistic for NCAA Tournament

By Joseph Nardone
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Brigham Young Cougars might be on a two game losing streak, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. For those not following the basketball powerhouse conference called the West Coast Conference, let me tell you something, BYU is going to make the NCAA Tournament. While a Jimmer Fredette-less Cougars might make for an uninteresting watch to casual fans, they have as much to bring to the table as any other at-large mid-major.

Head coach Dave Rose is confident that his team has what it takes to get past the losing streak and make it to the big dance. Rose spoke about the BYU situation on his weekly radio program on KSL Newsradio(Following quotes were obtained and credited to

“I think every week we go into the week trying to figure out how we can grow our team and how we can expand it. When you take a setback like this and you get beat a few times you feel like there are things you need to do to make changes, but you can’t reinvent your team at this time of the year either. So it’s a pretty delicate mix.”

Here is Rose’s approach on trying to make the NCAA Tournament:

“Just to regroup mentally and realize how important each game is and to really strive to get better and improve our team so we get into that tournament in a few weeks and we can start with that first game, get a win and then try to advance through the tournament and win it.”

BYU still has five games left and control their own destiny as far as making the Tournament. While this isn’t a situation where the Cougars have to win out, it would be prudent of them to go 4-1 at the very least. With a weak non-conference schedule and playing in a mid-major, BYU needs to finish a few wins above 20, while looking good along the way to have a real chance of making it.

At-large births for mid-major teams are not an easy thing to be awarded. However, BYU is in a situation where it is more probable than possible that they will hear their name called on Selection Sunday.

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