DePaul Blue Demons Basketball Program Only Thing Left is Laughter

By Joseph Nardone
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Where does your heart rest at night? Mine, for better or worse, beats for everything Catholic Seven related. Unfortunately for me, that also includes the abomination that is the DePaul Blue Demons. I have chronicled, far tomany times, of DePaul’s ability to be so horrible that all you can do is laugh in the wake of their ineptitude. Sadly, that’s all you can do until some serious changes are made.

While DePaul fans wait for the athletic director to fire Oliver Purnell, or for the university president to fire the AD, those loyal fans have nothing to do but watch a horrible product continuously trot out on the court and lose. And losing isn’t the worst part, it’s in the manner which they do. Not by losing in blowouts, which they have, but by losing so many games in a row that I feel like I am being redundant in telling you how bad they are. Obviously, if you are reading this you are a DePaul fan, and I feel bad for you.

There is always next year, that is a stupid saying made up by overseers of a product that is horrible who don’t want to lose their jobs. Next year is next year, it doesn’t help when fans want(Because they want to) to root for a team they love so badly but can’t because of how atrocious of a product is being put out on the court.

I have written about it, Big East writers have written about it, fans have complained loudly, but none of that has gotten a single solid reaction from the Blue Demons’ athletic department. One would assume, that the people in charge there, care for the program that brings in the school a lot of money.

One would also I assume they have brains. I however, am now hesitant to do so.

But the reason for the hilarity has less to do with the play on the court but more so with what they should be. DePaul SHOULD be a GREAT basketball program. They have everything a university would ever need to get it going. Money, location, history, but for reasons known to only a select few, DePaul rather be a bottom feeder in whichever hoops league the Catholic Seven form in the future.

Although, regardless of how good or bad they are, they still get paid. Who is laughing at who?

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