NCAA Basketball Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana’s Hardest Test Has Yet To Come

Bradley Leeb-US Presswire

At 21-3 the Indiana Hoosiers have six games remaining in an absolutely stacked BIG 10 Conference that could do wonders for Tom Crean and his player’s confidence.

It could also be the source of an absolute nightmare.

Indiana still has to play at Minnesota, Michigan State and Michigan as well a home match up with Ohio State.

What does this mean for the Hoosiers? It means there is no room for error.

Playing in arguably the hardest conference in the country, Indiana will have to grind out wins against all four of those teams in the remaining three weeks as well as the conference tournament in Chicago March 14-17.

With pseudo scrimmages against Purdue and Nebraska before the last four games against the four teams behind IU in the Big Ten standings, Indiana will need to make sure they aren’t already looking ahead to bigger and better opponents.

It seems simple, but it’s the farthest things from it.  

The worst thing that could happen to an Indiana team that is dangerously close from being undefeated at this point would be to let their guard down against the lesser opponent, Nebraska, and look past their little brother, Purdue, while running out of gas in a rigorous four game stretch against opponents that are all capable of ending up in the Big Ten conference semi-finals and possibly the final game against the Hoosiers next month.

Indiana essentially has to play the top of the Big Ten in six of their next eight or nine games before the big dance. Yikes!

Don’t have a heart attack just yet though, Hoosier faithful. Because contrary to the nightmare that could be lurking (and when I say nightmare I don’t mean ’07-08 Kelvin Sampson collapse nightmare—but pretty close) there is a golden opportunity to pick up so much momentum, confidence and steam heading into the month that matters most it’s not even funny.

It will be interesting to see what the next four weeks have in store. I don’t see the Hoosiers choking but I’ll be damned if they don’t have the hardest road to the NCAA Tournament.

Not to mention, the bulls eye on their back.