Kentucky Wildcats Freshman Nerlens Noel Tears ACL Out for Year

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We have all seen the video of Kentucky Wildcats freshman Nerlens Noel going down and clutching to his left knee. It was a sad and not entertaining video to try to sit through. For Kentucky, a season’s worth of hard work and trying to make up some ground they lost earlier in the season felt like a lost cause. Without Noel, there was certainly no way that Kentucky could turn this puppy all the way around. For Noel, depending on the severity, the injury could severely hamper the potential number one overall selection’s draft status.

A season at stake for Kentucky, and more importantly, millions of dollars for Noel. Good news was needed and it isn’t coming as news just broke that Noel has torn his ACL, ending his season.

Plenty of different angles and stories will come out because of his season ending injury. However, none are as important as what does the future hold for Noel and his impending draft status. An ACL tear can put you out for more than a year and really change a player’s abilities.

While the immediate thought that comes to mind is for Noel to return to Kentucky next season, it would be hard to blame him if he just hired an agent and sat out an entire year to get healthy. As for Kentucky, this is likely another, if not the final, nail in its season. Although, it is hard not to root for them going forward.

Obviously the college hoops world wishes their best to Noel and hope for a speedy recovery. With the tear of just one ACL, the entire college basketball landscape just changed.

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