Michigan State Spartans Mascot Sparty Photobombs ESPN Reporter

By Joseph Nardone
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It is one thing to have one of the best college basketball programs in the country and it is another to have one of the most awesome mascots to ever grace us with his presence. The Michigan State Spartans can claim they have both of those things. Michigan State has been a great basketball program led by a great coach, Tom Izzo, since the beginning of time. Well, maybe not since then, but for a really long time. They also trot out a mascot called Sparty during home games. Sparty, is shown as much, if not more, on televised Michigan State games as Izzo. He is synonymous with Spartans hoops.

So while the basketball program is busy doing what they do, being great, Sparty is busy doing what he does, entertain in a fun way. His newest approach in getting some attention drawn to himself was to photobomb an ESPN sidelines reporter during their game against in-state rivals Michigan Wolverines.

Mandatory Credit to @WorldofIsaac of Twitter

As you can tell from the photo (Sorry, can’t find a video), Sparty is showing the nation how huge his stuffed-muscles actually are. While the picture is probably extremely amusing to everyone outside of the reporter, I like to think she didn’t take the incident to harshly. She looks pretty classy and likely has never gotten as much exposure as she is currently getting from Sparty’s photobomb.

I think it is a win-win for everyone. Sparty got some attention, we got a laugh and the sideline reporter is getting some pub. It also doesn’t hurt she is easy to look at.

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