Oklahoma State's Talent is to Much for Texas Tech to Handle

By Anthony Lenahan
Peter Casey-USA Today Sports

Oklahoma State heads on the road to face an inferior Texas Tech Red Raiders team in a Big 12 conference showdown.  The Cowboys enter on a 5 game winning streak and a record of 17-5 while the Red Raiders are struggling on their 4 game losing streak that puts them at 9-12 overall.

You have a red hot team facing off against an ice cold team and that can be an early recipe for disaster if your a Texas Tech fan especially when that red hot team is only getting better.

Oklahoma State is on a nice winning streak right now mostly because of the play from their terrific trio.  It is was of the most talented trio’s in college basketball and is one that is almost unguardable for a very weak Texas Tech team.

Le’Bryan Nash, Markel Brown, and Marcus Smart make up the Cowboys trio.  All three can score at will and are capable of having a career game on any given night.  It is a combination of a junior, sophomore, and freshman and that just means they are only getting better and are gaining valuable experience.

The last two games for the Cowboys, Nash, Brown, and Smart have been the only players to score in double figures for their team.  That might change tonight because some bench players may get a lot of playing time tonight because of the trio’s early production.

As a trio, they score 43 points per game for a team that only scores about 70 points per game.  That is some serious production from three players on a team and it shows how much they mean to this Cowboy team.  Also, they make Oklahoma State only one of fifteen Division 1 teams to have three players who average 13 points and above.

Brown, Nash, and Smart will be to much for a struggling Texas Tech team to handle and the Cowboys will get their tenth win in their last twelve meetings with the Red Raiders.

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