St. John's Red Storm Coach Steven Lavin Talks Loss of his Father

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For those who are unaware, St. John’s Red Storm head coach Steve Lavin is dealing with the loss of his father, Cap Lavin. Cap is in the San Francisco University Hall of Fame, has written books about hoops and life, and was a driving influence on his son’s decision to become a basketball coach. The two Lavins, separated only by death, are still tied together every time the son goes to practice or a game and teaches his players about basketball, as well as life.

Steve Lavin, whose status for Thursday and beyond is unknown, released a statement late Tuesday night:

“We are grateful for the heartfelt encouragement, prayers and support received since our father’s passing. The thoughtful sentiments and caring messages we received via text, Twitter, e-mail and voicemail from friends, current players, former players, colleagues and college basketball fans have helped to give our family an emotional lift during a challenging time in our lives. Moving forward, it will now be the inspiring memories of my father that will serve as a catalyst to pursue better ways to navigate the ‘bittersweet miracle that is life’.”

The Johnnies coach has endured cancer and now the loss of his father. As always, Lavin is doing so with the utmost class and teaching about life while he isn’t even around his team. College is supposed to be about education. Being a coach is a blend of being a teacher on the court as well as an educator off it.

Nobody embodies what the college experience is supposed to be more than Steve Lavin. I am sure there wasn’t a prouder person of him than his father. Lavin will continue to lead his life with class, strength, and remembering his father’s memories by what he does everyday. I doubt Cap would want it any different.

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