Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim Gets Cranky With ESPN Reporter After Loss To UConn

By Jon Hancock
Jim Boeheim Syracuse Orange
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 6 Syracuse Orange were upset Wednesday night against the Connecticut Huskies in Hartford, 66-58. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim had a mostly normal post-game press conference, but there was one reporter who he wasn’t too happy with and he made that very clear.

ESPN reporter Andy Katz attempted to ask Boeheim a question. According to reporters in the press room, Boeheim said he would answer anyone’s questions but Katz’s. He then called him “disloyal” and “an idiot.”

This isn’t the first time the 68 year-old coach went off on someone who’s a part of the media, although it is unclear why he went off on Katz. It could be the story he wrote last year about the Bernie Fine situation, where he questioned the culture around the Syracuse program. It could also be due to his comments on the James Southerland situation this year. Katz has written a lot of stories about a lot of different programs over the years.

The most interesting part of Boeheim’s comments is that he called Katz “disloyal”. Why would a national reporter be loyal to any team? Isn’t that the point of journalism? They are supposed to be unbiased.

It is hard for a coach to read criticism of his team or the way he runs his program. Anyone can understand that. But Boeheim has been around long enough to have a thicker skin. This is 2013, you can’t just blast a reporter in a press conference without putting more heat on yourself.

Boeheim ended his exchange with Katz by saying “There’s a few things I could add, but I am not gonna go there.” Now I am curious aboutwhat those few things are, but the sound of his voice made it seem like he was to seconds away from jumping over the table.

I am sure Katz will still write more stories about Syracuse in the next several years, good and bad. The power of the written word is a very powerful tool and most writers understand that. I don’t personally think Katz owes Boeheim an apology for anything he has written. I’m not even sure if Boeheim needs to apologize for his outburst after the game, although I am sure his bosses will make him give a statement of apology tomorrow.

Coaches just need to learn to ignore and let things slide off their back a little, focus on winning on the court and less about what is written in a blog. That is the advice most coaches give their players, so they must follow the same rule.


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