There is a Hurricane Warning in Tallahassee

By Anthony Lenahan
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

The red hot and storming Miami Hurricanes enter Tallahassee tonight to face off against their in-state rival, Florida State.  It is more of a football rivalry, but heck, a rivalry is a rivalry no matter what sport your playing.  The Hurricanes have proven they are legit while Florida State has struggled all year and is hanging on for their lives.

Miami is one of the most exciting teams to watch in college basketball and they might get another chance to throw off the backboard alley-oops and let Reggie Johnson try to knock down a 3 tonight because they just seem unstoppable right now.

Florida State’s go to player and “only” player is Michael Snaer and his going to try and do everything he can to keep the Seminoles in this game.  It just isn’t going to be enough against such a talented team.  Miami is great defensively and can hold teams in the 50’s any given night.  Pressure and quickness applied by Hurricanes defenders is going to be to much for Snaer to handle by himself and Florida State will have a difficult time scoring.

A normally sound defensive team is Florida State, but they don’t have enough players to match up with Miami’s offensive threats.  They have 7 different players who can lead the team in scoring every night and you just can’t stop that.  Shane Larkin runs the show and he is pretty darn good at it.  He can hit three’s and create plays for his teammates.

Durand Scott provides the back-court leadership this team needs and yea, he can score the basketball with ease too.  Kenny Kadji is 25, but that doesn’t mean he is to old for college basketball.  The Hurricanes forward loves to have fun whether it’s throwing down emphatic dunks, knocking down open shots, or blocking shots.  Kadji is a force for Miami.

Big man Reggie Johnson is a brick wall in the paint.  He is a great defender and very good in the post on offense.  Julian Gamble is another big man for the Hurricanes who is extremely athletic.  Rion Brown is a guard you can’t forget about because he can score especially when he isn’t receiving as much attention as he deserves.

There is just to many options for Miami on the court and Florida State can’t stop them all because they just simply aren’t talented enough.  Home court and the fact that it is a huge rivalry may keep Florida State in the game, but in the end the Hurricane will knock them down.

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