Cincinnati Bearcats Guard Sean Kilpatrick is a Lottery Pick

By Joseph Nardone
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Woah, hold your horses little fella. Cincinnati Bearcats guard Sean Kilpatrick might not scream lottery pick, but in a down year as far as NBA prospects go, he is as good as anyone else in the country. Generally, underclassmen(freshmen) are the hot commodities when the NBA Draft comes around while the back-end of the first round is when some of the upperclassmen start to pop off the board. But in a year where there aren’t any sure fire pros, to the point of not that many realistic pros in college, Kilpatrick could surely find himself in the lottery. Well, that is if he declares after his junior season.

“If” is a big word. If I were 100 feet taller but had the same arm length, I’d be a T-Rex. Applying the word opens up so many doors but it is one in Kilpatrick’s case that’s going to be said a lot down the college hoops stretch. Not just for him but for the team as well. If Cincy runs the table, if Cincy didn’t lose here, if Mick Cronin decided to eat unborn children instead of coach. If man, if.

But the word may come become less of an if and more of a truth depending on how Kilpatrick plays down the stretch. Not only is the guard currently averaging 18 points per game but he is one of the few players in the talks for Big East Player of the Year. Not that the award equates high draft stock but the attention that it brings can only help.

Then there is the best place to showcase your skills as a college hoopster, the NCAA Tournament. The Bearcats have the talent to make a deep run, and if they do, it’ll likely be because of Kilpatrick’s play. The further run Cincy makes, the higher his draft stock will go.

Now I don’t follow overseas hoops as much as some others, so I don’t know how many guys are going to come from over there and be considered lottery picks. But I know this, I can’t name 15 potential pros in college at the moment. Sometimes it isn’t how good you are but how limited the rest of the field is.

Although, I bet if you gave Cincy fans some truth serum they’d root for team success but for Kilpatrick to have a some bad moments towards the end of the season, so he would come back for one more year. I mean if he was any good to begin with he’d be in the NBA by now, but he is not, so a senior season isn’t out of the question if he doesn’t show scouts enough.

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