Johnny O’Bryant III Career Night Leads to LSU Victory Over South Carolina

By Taylor Sturm
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The LSU Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks are both teams that need miracles to make it to the NCAA tournament. Thursday night in their match-up LSU dominated, winning 64-46. LSU is showing some fight at the end of the season, and teams that play the Tigers late in the season should not chalk it up as a win.

Johnny O’Bryant III for the Tigers had 30 points. O’Bryant may be one of the best big men next year in the SEC. He had his tenth double-double (that’s seven in his last eight) and tied for first in the SEC. After next weekend’s game in Knoxville against the Tennessee Volunteers, LSU will go through an easy stretch of games. The Tigers have an opportunity to get into prime position for the SEC tournament with continued wins.

South Carolina is looking at a five game losing streak, after having one of the best records at the beginning of SEC play. The Gamecocks went from a potential NCAA berth to one of the wirst teams in the SEC in just a few weeks. If it was not for the Mississippi State Bulldogs and their injury woes, South Carolina would be the worst team in the SEC. The Gamecocks are missing a solid player down-low; however, Frank Martin is a great coach and excellent recruiter and will get this team back on track in the next few years.

With this win, LSU is one game behind .500 in the SEC, and South Carolina’s losing streak does not look like it will end anytime soon.

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