North Carolina Tar Heels Will Sneak In the NCAA Tournament

By Joseph Nardone
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, not a sane person in the world actually thinks the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball program is horrible. Even though this season is widely considered a disappointment, 16-8, most universities would kill to be as good as North Carolina has been, at times.

However, even though it is a down year for them, this is far more an exception and not the rule, as North Carolina is going to bounce back soon.

Funny thing about them bouncing back soon – they might have already. The Tar Heels are incredibly young, not going to lose a ton of players to the NBA, and have an excellent coach in Roy Williams. So they might miss the NCAA Tournament this season, and? One down year is okay, it happens, to nearly every program in the country. Williams has done a tremendous job since coming to the program, and there is no reason to think he won’t have them playing like a top-15 team as soon as next year.

Maybe you still aren’t happy about waiting for next year.

How about a little bit sooner than next year – how about now? In fact, the remaining schedule for the Tar Heels is so full of cupcakes that a diabetic has to stay away from the state of North Carolina. The ACC is down, the Tar Heels are actually going to get better, and they have just enough time to turn this puppy around before the Selection Committee decides their fate.

Living in the moment is gravy, and obviously with the loss to the Duke Blue Devils last evening, everyone is going to tell you how bad UNC is this year. But they aren’t that bad, we are just accustomed to them being great, and the two shouldn’t be confused.

You don’t have to be great to get into the NCAA Tournament, you just have to be competent, and the Tar heels are just competent enough to start getting their slippers ready for a dance come March.

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