Not Only Can Kansas Jayhawks Ben McLemore Score, He Can Dance Too (Video)

By John Hayden
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Ben McLemore became the first freshmen in Kansas Jayhawks history to score 30 or more points in two conference games. On his birthday Wednesday night he scored 30 points and had a career high 33 points against Iowa State. Both of the games were at home in front of the Jayhawks faithful.

Not only did he score 30 against Kansas State Wednesday night but he also helped the Jayhawks snap a three game losing streak. He was 9 of 13 with 6-10 from the arc and 6-6 from the free throw line. McLemore had a great time playing in front of his family and friends on Wednesday night. He is always seen with a great big smile on his face and he loves the game of basketball.

McLemore even stated in an interview how much fun it is to play for the Jayhawks. “It was great having fun with my teammates. My teammates got me in a zone especially Naadir Tharpe finding me on the wing.” McLemore continued, “Last week was a bad week for us. This was great.”

No only was it great to finally snap a three game winning streak but it was probably also great beating your nemesis the Kansas State Wildcats at home. Every time he hits the court, he goes out there and just has fun. We know he can shoot great and have fun doing it but he can also dance.

Just take a look at this clip:

This is highlights of the Kansas and Kansas State game on Wednesday. At the 1:53 mark you can see the team getting excited when McLemore enters the locker room dancing. This brings instant joy in the faces of his teammates who join him in this exuberant dance. This is the type of joy and fun that was missing in the previous three games for the Jayhawks. McLemore’s shooting and dancing will help these Jayhawks win their ninth straight Big 12 championship and their joy, passion and enthusiasm will help them go far in March.

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