Wyoming Cowboys Have Seen a Quick Demise Since Conference Play Began

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There was a time when the Wyoming Cowboys were ranked in the top 25 and we as a nation were tricked into thinking they were good. Now, I am not saying I wasn’t one of them, but boy were we all terribly wrong. Wyoming, now a whopping 17-7 and last in the MWC in scoring, have now lost six out of their last nine games. This is from a team we gave a lot of national love to. Not their fault but ours.

Maybe they were that good until their best player Luke Martinez decided to go Patrick Swayze from the movie Roundhouse at a bar. Martinez reportedly kicked an unconscious man in the head like a football(Exactly witness statement). After, mid January, the Cowboys season was all down hill.

But we covered this team with such vigor when they were good, when they had Martinez, now we are just going to ignore what has happened? The NCAA, ESPN, me, you, your mother, we can all use this as a teaching lesson to young people. Wyoming’s failures as a team directly correlates to that incident. Meaning, if you do bad things more than only you will suffer.Nobody has suffered more than the Martinez-less Cowboys, but nobody seems to care. We wanted to put this small school on a storybook journey, even if in reality, they didn’t deserve it.

We like stories of redemption, David beats the hell out of Goliath, but when a story stops fitting that narrative we completely ignore it. Wyoming was thought to be good once. They might have even been as good as we hoped. But a selfish, immature act by Martinez has cost the entire Wyoming family a shot at a storybook ending that we wanted to write for them.

Martinez has to live with whatever happened at the bar the rest of his life. The University of Wyoming lost a chance at millions. Sports writers lost a chance to write yet another “underdog happy” story.

What we haven’t lost is the ability to tell this new story, even if it doesn’t fit our popular narrative.


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