Syracuse Orange Coach Jim Boeheim Open to Continuing Connecticut Huskies Rivalry

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So last night the Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim went bonkers on ESPN’s Andy Katz, awesome. After Boeheim went Bobby Knight on Katz, apparently Boeheim didn’t like Katz’s coverage of the Bernie Fine story, he told reporters he would be open to continuing the Orange’s rivalry with the Connecticut Huskies post-Big East departure:

“It’s been a great series. I think Connecticut and Syracuse have had so many great games over the years. It’s one of those things that goes away and that’s the way it is. The league wasn’t able to be kept together. I feel bad about the whole thing.”

However, Uncle Jim isn’t convinced that it will ever be the same:

“Your biggest rivalries are going to be against the teams in your league. Even if you play somebody it will never be the same.”

Jim “Grumplestilskins” Boeheim was right, over time the series just wouldn’t have the same significance. When both teams are playing for the same goal, conference domination, the stakes are so much higher. Not to mention Boeheim hates to leave the state for non-conference games. I doubt the Huskies would be thrilled having an away-series of games every year not the traditional home and homes that are much more prevalent.

But you have to give it to the grumpiest man in the Syracuse region. He got over his anger at Katz just long enough to dump all over continuing the UConn rivalry just of conference. Boeheim isn’t always a jerk, but when he is, he makes us all feel like the biggest jerks ever.

Oh, reverse guilt trick, how Boeheim loves to use your services.

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